Queer - because we recognise there are many paths to ‘spirit’, ‘nature’ and ‘magic’ and we positively revel in diversity. We welcome: dykes, divas, drag queens and kings of all genders, faggots and faeries, bisexuals, trisexuals, transvestites, transgendered and transsexual warriors, deviant angels, lesbians, gays, heterosexuals, butches, femmes, celibates and shape-shifters.........and all the magic you may bring that we haven’t even thought of yet.


Pagan - because we are witches, shamans, faery workers, druids, magicians, chaos workers and other pagans with earth honouring spirituality. We welcome practising pagans, those who want to find out more about paganism and those who feel they have lost their connection.


Queer Pagan Camp grew out of the experiences of people being marginalised, by wider society and other pagan or spiritual groups, based on stereotypes of sexual identities and gender preferences. The first principal of Queer Paganism is respect for each other, ourselves, the Spirits and the Land. We work on the basis of self-identification.

As Queer Pagans we communicate directly with spirits, nature, ancestors, Gods, Goddesses and other divinities. We do not need mediators. We work consensually to create rituals. We do not need hierarchies. We welcome spirits and work with them. We do not command them. We share knowledge of different traditions; we create new ways of working. Stirring the cauldron of gender, we are not limited by gender-based magical working. We believe we can all work with spiritual power; that we all can be our own healers, celebrants and guides.

DIY because we are not a festival, we are a not-for-profit community. We co-create the space in which QPC takes place. This means it is up to everyone who comes along to make QPC happen – bring what you expect to find. We make decisions together at organising meetings which happen throughout the year and which anyone who has been to camp can come along to.

The money you pay for camp covers costs such as the land rent and hire for the marquees. Camp is set up and taken down by site crew volunteers. In addition, everything at camp, from the kitchen to the workshops and the loos, is run by all of us. We welcome everyone to participate in running the camp. If you have an idea for a workshop or a ritual, fantastic – bring it along! We respect and look after the land on which we camp. Please do bring things to share; please don’t expect others to clean up after you. Please do ask for help if you need it. Helping keep the camp going is a good way to meet people, exercise our talents, learn new skills and be appreciated.

Photo/Brigit Foster

And a lot of fabulous dressing up and glitter too!